Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Multi-Orgasmic Man

While it is true that no man can have as many orgasms as any woman, it is possible for men to have more than one orgasm per erection. All he has to do is to not ejaculate. Ejaculation triggers the refractory period (the resting period) in men so if he can avoid that, he can continue enjoying sex.

Easier said than done and men have been working on delaying orgasm for centuries since it is not polite for him to have his orgasm before she has her orgasms.
The orgasm is separate from the ejaculation. Orgasms are the flexing of the peri muscle while ejaculation is the release of fluid from the penis. By doing his Kegel exercises (stopping and starting the flow of urine while urinating by flexing this muscle) he can improve his control and strengthen this muscle.

A man can ejaculate without having an orgasm and can orgasm without ejaculating.
There are various methods used to delay orgasm including thinking of something else, focusing upon your partner, slowing down, changing positions, and stopping whatever is going on so he can regain his control. Condoms can also be used since they decrease his ability to feel to some degree.

Men can also practice using masturbation. The idea is for him to control his orgasm first and then to control his ejaculation by finding the pause in-between the two. Once found, increase the time of this pause by flexing the peri muscle during orgasm - thus extending the orgasm and extending the pause. Getting this just right may take some practice. This extending the pause is known as edge play because the man is riding on the edge of ejaculation.

To practice during intercourse, use small movements on her hotspots, moving from one to the other after each of her orgasms. Thrusting will only lead to orgasm and ejaculation so the idea is to avoid thrusting. A steady rocking movement that permits both partners to savor the orgasms that roll on through is the goal.

Women can assist in this endeavor in one of two ways. The first is by “doubling him” which is forcing out another orgasm just when he’s having one by continuing the movements that brought him to orgasm. Most men have a kind of “second gear” that they employ when moving to orgasm. Match his “second gear” and keep going until he comes again.

The second method is to delay or prevent thrusting using your body, internal muscles, or to delay orgasm by squeezing the base of his penis with some firmness, but not a vice-like grip, with your fingers. What technique will be required does vary from partner to partner so some exploration and experimentation will be needed.
Please be advised that men might also experience the same ‘false pain’ as a woman might when becoming multi-orgasmic and for the same reason. Once again, once he has become multi-orgasmic, the pain will not reoccur.

The point to doing all of this is to make it possible for men to continue the sexual interlude for four to five hours without needing a break. It is not mandatory. Should a man suffer from premature ejaculation, he might want to pursue edge play with the aim of gaining more control over himself.

There is a difference between circumcised and uncircumcised penises.
Circumcised penises tend to be less sensitive, from having been rubbing up against clothing for years, which tends to make edge play easier. No guarantees of course, as individuals vary.

It is entirely possible to have satisfying sex without going through all of this. But think about it. Wouldn’t it be fun to have two or three orgasms per erection? Wouldn’t it be fun to have sex continuously for four to five hours?
There is Tantric sex, the Kama Sutra, and various other methods available for those wishing to put some spirituality (etc.) into their sex life and this is fine as long as your partner is willing.

Then there’s the opposite problem from premature ejaculation: Erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety, and the inability to ejaculate. In the absence of any medical conditions (which are beyond the scope of this book), body worship will help these conditions by relaxing him.

If a man has used steroids or some illegal drugs - he will not be able to orgasm. Should a woman come across a bulked up man with small testicles - he used steroids. “Users” are harder to spot but be advised that drugs tend to ruin the quality of sex to the point of why waste your time. Women can be similarly afflicted but normally the inability to orgasm in women stems from what is in their heads (what they believe) than what is in their bodies.

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