Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Millionaire Matchmaker

Do Not Watch This Show.

You would be taking advice from a 40-something woman who cannot bring herself to commit to her boyfriend of 4 years aka - a failure on the dating scene. Patty - the goal is a long and happy marriage, not an eternity of dating.

Now for several points:

1. the penis chooses; Initially, perhaps, but to get beyond the infatuation to the love, you have to match strengths to strengths while not matching weaknesses and this means that ultimately the mind chooses with the heart's consent.

2. A gemini is great at sex; NOT! Patty, EVERYTHING you know about sex is wrong - dead, flat wrong. Stop being a 'left coast weenie' and join the real modern world.

3. redheads are bitches, and strong, capable women are not 'dating material'; oh my NO you silly Patty you - please stop being 13 years of age and a prima donna. Tigers need to date Tigresses not the hamsters you seem to prefer. And glorious fiery warrior-women (redheads) are the true delights of this world.

4. "the man has to be the leader in the relationship"; absolutely NOT - this is a PARTNERSHIP between EQUALS - now we really know why you are not married! Hes' waiting for you to grow-up and graduate from high school.

5. the man always pays, "if you want the legs to open, the man's got to pay always" what are women then, whores? prostitutes? Are you seriously trying to say this sort of nonsense and yet hoping to avoid being labeled a whoremonger? Not only is this offensive but you are also contradicting Miss Judith MArtin aka Miss Manners. The rule is: "The one who invites, pays." Period.

Her views on homosexuality are equally incorrect and offensive.

It is time to get this trash off the air.