Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Feminine Sexual Competition

Females compete for males by trying to meet masculine ideals of femininity more completely than her rivals. Whatever the male values, will be prominently displayed. Whatever he doesn't, will be carefully hidden away. This is regardless of the price to herself.

Beauty is the first thing addressed since males are visual creatures. Youth and evidence of fecundity come next. Empires have been built by selling women this cream or that surgical procedure. Improve upon Nature is the slogan.

Loyalty, modesty, shyness, weakness, being meek, mild, and soft spoken follow shortly thereafter because males fear being married to a harridan and they fear having to raise a child that is not their own. Females will hide their true selves away rather than risk driving males away.

Females will abandon their sisters and seek to destroy thier fellow females to secure males. They will spread poison trying to destroy whatever value the rivals may have in masculine eyes.

All for what?

Males end up with a Non-person who will be and do whatever the male desires, however he wants it, whenever he wants it. Little Miss Robot with her empty head, plastic inserts, and diminished soul following along as he has programmed her to be. And all will be well.

Except - all will NOT be well.

People can try to deny their true selves all they want - it never works. Age will not be denied. Pregnancy, should it happen, will take over her body completely. Fears unaddressed will not stop eating away inside of her. Experience will couple with maturation with unanticipated results.

If the female has sacrificed all for the male - the male now has an unseen, often unimagined, enemy in his camp and in his bed. Little Miss Robot will always be watching for signs of betrayal or weakness. Any deviation on the part of the male will be seen as a threat and her true self will awaken. She will have her revenge.

Unfettered power over another is never good for people since it leads them to their own damnation. People simply cannot resist exploring their boundaries and this includes the boundaries of their power over another. What once filled them with the idea of being god no longer fulfills. But they want that feeling. So they explore further, and then further, and then further again.

If you doubt this, then history has taught you nothing.

So what is the answer?

For men: Accept that your ego is YOUR problem and not hers. Be honest with yourself and look for a woman whose character, temperment, and habits of mind compliment yuor own - as she really and truly is. Do NOT be satisfied with anything less than ALL she is. Never settle for less.

For women: Stop being AFRAID. Stop competing with other women for men. If this man does not value you as you truly are then get yourself one who does. If he says he loves you, say prove it. Judge a man by his actions and not by his words alone. Never hide who you are.

Everyone: Stop LYING to yourself and to others. Stop being WEAK.