Monday, December 17, 2012

Sex at Dawn versus Sex at Dusk

Sex at Dawn is a witty, well-supported and pertinent questioning of monogamy, power and society written by two qualified outsiders who do nothesitate to tell you who they are and what their qualifications are. Sex at Dusk is a dreary vendetta written and self-published by an unknown author of unknown qualifications, beyond the statement that she's studied and talked on sex for many years, specifically aimed at 'debunking' Sex at Dawn. Sex at Dusk is so dripping in venom that one begins to wonder if Saxon even likes sex at all. Her book is certainly nasty enough to make one require getting treated for rabies. At the heart of both books is female sexuality. Sex at Dawn rejoices in and acknowledges the glory of the feminine 'unleashed'. Sex at Dusk tries to posit the idea that female promiscuity leads to passive female sex roles and accuses the authors of Sex at Dawn of being sexist because, according to her, 'forcing females into male sex roles' by which Saxon means females desiring sex, propositioning males for sex and initiating sex. Saxon seems to find women desiring sex with multiple males offensive. Yet, the idea of women prostituting themselves for meat, a spin she puts on the practice, she does not find offensive. Saxon believes in the one size fits all and sex should only be along the path outlined in the standard narrative despite the fact that the standard narrative does not work and never has. She does not pose anything new. All she has to say is the same old tired arguments supported by those sharing her same agenda - keep the status quo flawed though it is. As for the Musuo culture, well, that's just "the exception that proves the rule".

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