Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Conflagration

Sex, if you're paying attention and doing it right, is NEVER boring. No matter how many times you enjoy that person, it is never the same. The mood is different and both of you are different because you grow and change over time. Closely noticing those changes, becoming increasingly intuitive, learning new things, sharing more and more with your partner - how could sex with him/her ever possibly be the same?

Sex is not just sound and fury - it is also a sensuous interplay of nuances and beguiling subtleties.

You do not need toys, lingerie, pornoography, a new position, something kinky, etc. etc. What you need is to stop hiding from your partner. You need to stop lying ot your partner. You need to open your mind to how sex enriches and enhances your life. Abandon fear. Find yourself in the freedom of accepting and embracing your sexuality - that fiery beating heart that causes your blood to sing is your birthright.

Sex is to be enjoyed for its own sake.

Sex binds us together by sharing in its joys. Sex is not to appease, to reward, to hurt, or to manipulate people. Sex is not a tool. Sex is the physical expression of desire for another. Sex is also not just for young people, not just for beautiful people, and it's not just for procreation - oh no. Sex is also not base or animalistic. Since we're humans - sex is so much more than just insert tab a into slot b.

This blog is all about releasing you from those chains around your mind. Some of you may have issues regarding sex - from culture, religion, past experiences - whatever. Some of you may have medical issues of some kind. Nevermind - all of these can be arranged so you can enjoy a richly overwhelmingly satisfying sex life.
Welcome & Enjoy!