Thursday, June 11, 2009

Achieving Balance

Between work, home, the kids, paying bills and taxes - life can leave little room for a love life. DON'T let this happen! Resolve to find the time and space for at least 3 hours of relaxed yet focused participative sex per week. Orgasms and intimacy are good for your health.

In a way, sex is like breathing - it only really matters when you can't do it.

But the closing of the body also means a gradual closing of the mind and then of the heart - a once loving couple find themseves on the edge of divorce/separation/break-up. The loss of intimacy slowly grinds away eroding what the partners once shared.

Wrap your arms around your partner, say you love him/her and then KISS him/her to prove it! Do not take "no" for an answer! Be exuberant! Be joyous! Be tantalizing!

Stand and Deliver!

Because who ever had an orgasm they didn't like?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Caring about what other people think of you is part of being a social animal - inherent in humans, but adults are expected to have and to exercise good judgment. Adults care about what those they respect think about them. All others' may be ignored.

Some people feel that men who get with soft dominatrices are emasculated. This shows not only a closed mind, a juvenile mind, but also a mind that is uncomfortable with sex/sexuality.

The point to remember is "I do what you're too afraid to even think about".

Experienced women do scare men who are insecure of their prowess. They fear they will be unable to perform in her bed.
Dominatrices scare men who are insecure in their masculinity. They fear being seen as "girly" or submissive by others.

The point to remember is "I do what you're too afraid to even think about".

Wrap your mind around this concept: it takes courage to cede control.