Thursday, January 28, 2010


We can all stop doing this now. Sex 'just to shut him/her up' is NOT good and you might as well just break up, divorce or whatever works 'for your application'.

Because you've lost it. You have let the love erode away beneath the weight of life.

Perhaps he didn't listen or he sucked all of the oxygen out of the room and she shut down in self-defense. Why bother talking if he's not going to listen?

Or even after years of devotion, she's still clinging to her pre-teen lack of confidence or bad programming done 'to keep her safe' for guys who only want one thing which you can't let him have else he won't respect you.

HAH! Rip his doors off their hinges, honey, and he'll reverently respect you until the day he damn well dies.

Men: back off on the ego and give the lady some room.
Women: go for it! Show the man what you can do!

Because when it comes to sex: women are Titans!

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